A Windows Touchscreen Tablet PC is the primary user interface.  The user interface consists of 3 main screens.  Before Unload, Docket Detail Entry, Unload Complete. 

Capturing fruit receipt information while keeping the operation as simply as possible for the operator is our primary objective.

Before Unload Screen

Once the button is pressed, the system will read the current bin weight to use as a tare.  It does not matter if the bin is empty or partially filled.  Once the weight is obtained the Docket Detail Entry Screen will be displayed.

Docket Detail Entry Screen 

This screen can be customised to your requirements.  In this case we are simply retrieving a booking confirmation number and the truck delivery docket.  Clicking the Next button will display the Unload Complete screen.

Unload Complete Screen

Gross, Tare, Net, and a large Accept button.  The weights will be live, so the operator will see them change as the material is unloaded into the bin.

Clicking the OK button will print x number of dockets.  (X is contained in a small, user alterable, text file located on the tablet.  By default, we will set the x = 3 so 3 dockets will print.  X can of course be changed to any number of dockets you require.)

The docket will contain a Weigh Docket Number (a unique sequential weigh docket number), any info you desired to be captured during the receipt operation, the Date and Time, the Gross, Tare, and Net weights. 

After the docket is printed the screen will return to the Before Unload screen, and the cycle will then repeat infinitum. 

Alternately, after printing the captured information can be sent either a local or a remote/cloud-based system for further processing.






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