If you need to Weigh, Scan, Track or Report on it... then we have solutions for you.

Welcome to ATEC - we are industrial data reporting and weighing experts.


What We Do

Innovative and highly reliable measurement and software solutions. 

We solve problems for customers who need to integrate different technologies to create unique solutions.

Industrial Weighing Solutions

We integrate, supply and support Industrial, Marine and Retail weighing solutions ranging from scientific lab balances to heavy vehicle weighbridges.

Bespoke System Development

We specialise in developing industrial data reporting, automation and security systems that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Retail Point of Sale

We sell, lease and service Point of Sale systems including EFTPOS terminals, scanning solutions, thermal printers and consumables.


Our Recent Projects

Below are some examples of the recent integration projects we have undertaken to deliver practical solutions for industrial problems.

Height Alarm

Height alarm installation to detect and alarm overheight drivers. Avoiding damage to surrounding equipment. Our height alarm systems are compact modular and very adaptable.The basic system consists of a control box and light sounder all in one and can then connect to...

Customer Order Display

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and Social Distancing requirements ATEC has developed a simple & user friendly software solution that allows staff within the takeaway and hospitality sector to maintain safe working distances while providing a quality service to...

Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo are a Major International company that supplies high quality industrial solutions majoring in the weighing arena. Atec were chosen to be one of there main Dealers in New Zealand and have aggressively promoted their products wherever reliability is the...

Portable Pole Tester

Among many things ATEC do, we specialize in weighing and processing. ATEC especially excel in out of the ordinary custom weighing equipment, such as the portable pole tester we provided to one of our very good customers, Goldpine. The setup consisted of a PT LPHC load...

Labels and Tags

ATEC are well equipped to manage all your labelling and tagging requirements. We have a wide range of Freezer Grade Thermal Direct Labels and Waterproof Synthetic tags that are suitable for industrial and production environments, especially Fishing Industries.  ATEC...

TDC Landfill Weighbridge install

Install of a refurbished weighbridge to Mettler Telodo PDX loadcells.  Fulton Hogan made a precast pit for the bridge to sit in. Marine and General did another amazing job of making receptor mounts and plinths to sit the loadcells on. As with most installs like this...

TSC Printer

ATEC have installed several TSC TTP-2410M Industrial Thermal Printers onsite and have proven to be a great, cost effective option for our customers.  These printers have replaced older Zebra models which although have proven their weight in gold, are now obsolete and...

Cray Grading Reporting System

Being in the scale game, when a customer asked if we could negative weigh crayfish, we of course said “hells yes we can”.  Just for reference, weighing crayfish (as it turns out) is just like weighing a bag of already angry cats that you have just thrown water on. ...

Kiwi Rail Christchurch

Kiwi Rail recently upgraded their Train Station Reception for the Southern Alpine experience and called on Atec to assist with Check-in Scales as we had done such a good job for Interislander at their 2 Terminals. The request was for a smart yet rugged setup that...

Ravensdown Weighbridge Install

Installation of Mettler Toledo 24m x 3m 60 000kg Weighbridge. This is a customizable bridge, as it comes in kit form - as modules that are joined together in 6 meter lengths.  In this install we joined 4 modules together. It is a 10 x PDX loadcell setup hooked up to...

Atec POS (Point of Sale)

Our team with over 30yrs experience in the field, are confident we will be able to understand your Business Point of Sale (POS) needs. We can help you build your own POS requirements with customised reports and low maintenance costs, be it for hospitality or retail. ...

Intrinsically Safe Scales

Scales for weighing those dangerous products such as LPG, Atec has a range of Intrinsically safe weighing solutions that allows you to achieve the result you require. One of our smaller but important installations was at Wakefield Auto Services for weighing IBCs...

Onboard Weighing System for Trucks

Some time ago Atec was approached to install a vehicle mounted scale system on an Owner/Drivers Freight truck.  We reached out to our friends from Loadsmart to provide us with one of their Air Bag Weighing systems. We fitted the truck and trailer out with the B200...

eCad Custom Software

We recently completed a bespoke software solution for eCad Electrical. The software had nothing to do with eCad’s normal line of business. As it turns out the software was for one of their clients and the client had approached them with a problem that they wanted...

Integrated Labelling Software

Our customers range across a broad spectrum of industries including Fishing, Forestry, Wine, Fruit Growers, Local-body Councils and Construction Industries.  An ATEC Construction customer XLam looked for a labelling system that integrates with their Computer-Aided...


Do you want an All-In-One System for your Fishing Vessels – that can record the carton, print carton labels, provide data maintenance and reporting.  Our ATEC Marcap sytem can also support MPI reporting by production area, per species total weight while providing...

Weighbridge PDX Load Cell Upgrades

Port Nelson are reliant on dependability therefore they have seen that upgrading their high-volume weighbridge to the Mettler Toledo PDX loadcells is a way of ensuring continuous operation of their weighbridge for many years to come. Some 9 weighbridges in the Top of...

Takaka Hill Barrier Arm

We here at atec are not just a weighing and processing company. We can offer many solutions for site access as well. Recently we installed an entry and exit barrier arm system at the Ravensdown Takaka hill site. Our team completed the job from the ground works,...

Crofts Forestry Skid Retrieval System

In an era where we can integrate systems and utilise remote access to company-base connectivity ATEC generated a system that provides Forestry trucking company T Croft with a system that would do four main functions to streamline their processes, providing: Office...

Mass Flow Meter Certifications

ATEC have been at the forefront of flow meter testing for many years.  We were one of the first companies to be accredited to test Mass Flow in New Zealand, which includes products such as Bitumen and Emulsion meters followed by Kerosene, Diesel, White Spirits...

Metal Detectors

ATEC is proud to become agents to supply and install ABM Metal Detectors who have been designing and manufacturing various types of metal detecting systems for applications ranging from: Food Processing, Timber, Plastic Recycling, Mining and systems with special...

Airport Bollards

Atec is a solution provider, so when asked by Nelson Airport to solve issues they were having with bag movement and weighing at their new Airport complex we were able to design and coordinate solutions for them. We were first asked to sort the temporary container...

Alliance Group Scale Upgrades

As part of Alliance’s Maintenance and Quality Assurance Program, ATEC were asked to provide a solution to their aging scales replacement. This was a no brainer as the Mettler Toledo product is the best to be found and offers international reliability and backup. The...

500kg Test Weight

We here at ATEC are proud to supply weights to suit many different applications from lab weights to weights for heavy industrial applications. We recently supplied a 500kg black cast Iron test weight to CJ industries for them to use to hang under the Aggregate Hopper...

Lobster Grading System

Burkharts Fisheries now Fiordland Lobster, needed to automate their Inward/Outward Grading and Processing system to improve quality control and efficiency. This project was interesting as it involved negative grading where a live fish is removed from a bin and the...


What People Are Saying

We found the retrofitting of ATEC load cells to our existing structure to be surprisingly easy process. ATEC guided us through the project and our only wish now is that we had done it years ago.

James Macdonald

Winemaker, Hunters Wines

ATEC installed an in-ground 2x 12 meter steel deck weighbridge and provided the related eWEIGH software in June 2013. Since commission the weighbridge has become an important asset for our business. Its operations have been  seamless and the technical support received from ATEC has been excellent.

Troy Tane

Port Manager, Port Marlborough

ATEC have always provided a professional manner in all aspects of their business. From their service technicians through to the managing director, all tasks are managed to the highest regard. Their attention to detail and quick turn around service are two of their services which we receive on every occasion.

Jeremy Phipps

Wetstore Manager , Cloudy Bay Clams

Our dealings with Atec over the installation of our new twin weighbridge was handled in a no mess, no stress way through managing the project from start to finish. We have found ATEC to be very professional in the business dealings we have had and look forward to the future.

John Hart

Project Engineer, Port Nelson

Atec is One Forty One's service provider for the last nine years, over this time One Forty One has received outstanding service, quality equipment and advice.

Atec always communicates well with One Forty One, if there is any planned service schedules coming up Atec informs One Forty One in advance so we can plan ahead that minimise disruption to our supply chain but also when things go wrong Atec service team responds very quickly to fix the issues.

Atec is always looking a current technologies as well as  feature technologies for One Forty One so we can stay in front of the forest industries.

Fritz Buckendahl

Logistics Manager, One Forty One (Nelson Forests Ltd)